ECS North America

ECS North America has been supplying equipment for abrasive blasting and environmental control projects across the USA for nearly twenty years. Our large fleet of rental equipment includes both diesel and electrically powered air compressors, portable dust collectors, and both stationary and portable vacuum systems… as well as abrasive blast pots, steel grit recycling machines, and the support equipment needed to get our clients’ projects up and running.

Along with offering blast pots, dust collectors, and other items, ECS specializes in the complete reconditioning of quality used machinery to provide our customers with good value for their dollar spent without sacrificing performance or reliability.

Becoming a leader in the industry requires teamwork and at ECS our rental, sales, service, and transportation personnel work together as a team to provide our customers with the right equipment and support services necessary in today’s difficult business environment.

Whether our clients are looking to rent or purchase… ECS North America has the right equipment and support to help get the job done right.

Mission Statement

ECS North America is committed to providing clients with high quality products and support services. Our staff, trained in quality assurance, health, and safety in a rapidly changing environmental world…will deliver to our customers a final product that arrives on schedule, within budget, and meets or exceeds specified requirements.

ECS (Environmental Containment Systems) realizes that every project exposes our personnel, our customers, and the general public to conditions and situations that could jeopardize their health and safety. We believe that an enforced safety program which includes regularly scheduled employee training minimizes risk and potential health hazards.

Training programs concerned with quality control, safety, and environmental regulations to meet industry standards enhance the knowledge and experience of company employees. Such employee training assures that ECS involved projects will always meet increasingly stringent requirements that protect people and the environment, while maintaining the highest level of performance.