The DC 3000 Portable Dust Collector

ECS’s unique DC 3000 offers 3,000 CFM of dust collecting efficiency, yet will fit through a 3.5 foot opening. The DC 3000 combines continuous duty pulse jet technology with sate of the art cartridge filters to offer industry a portable dust collector that can be taken anywhere. Ideal for abrasive blasting in tanks, paper mills, or any application where confined areas must be ventilated.

Easily mobile and flexible, the DC 3000 requires far less headroom and is far more mobile than conventional collectors. Its compact size gives great flexibility in locating the collector. TH euse of cartridge type filters allows for more filtration than collectors twice its size.

The DC 3000 Dust Collector

The DC 3000 Dust Collector


  • Trailer or skid mounted
  • Pulse jet cleaning
  • Steel casters
  • High static pressure
  • Up to date safety decals
  • For sale, rent or lease purchase