Dust Collectors

ECS offers a wide selection of dust collection equipment ranging from 3,000 to 50,000 cfm. We have machines for limited space industrial applications as well as for larger bridge and tank projects. All ECS dust collectors are equipped with long lasting pleated polyester filters.


  • Compact size – fits through a set of double doors
  • Mounted on casters for maneuverability through tight areas
  • 10 hp electric motor
  • Paint filter available
  • 3,000 cfm at 14” wg


  • Skid mounted with extendible legs
  • Diesel or electric power (40 BHP)
  • Compact and versatile for staging in tight spots
  • Low profile – can be moved on nearly any trailer
  • High static rating
  • 10,000 cfm at 18” wg
  • 13,000 cfm at 10” wg

< Pictured: The M-10-Electric


  • The “high static” king…20,000 cfm at 20” wg
  • Diesel or electric power (75 BHP)
  • Hydraulic screw auger for dust removal
  • Trailer mounted or skid mounted
  • P-20 units are working coast to coast!


  • A proven performer in the abrasive blasting industry!
  • Diesel or electric power (150 BHP)
  • Can be pulled via pintle hook or moved on a low-bed trailer
  • Hydraulic screw auger for dust removal
  • 40,000 cfm at 16”
  • 50,000 cfm at 12”

< Pictured: The P-40