The T-8 Abrasive Blasting System

The ECS T-8 Abrasive blasting pot is the industries most versatile and productive blasting tool.

The designing of the T-8 ECS took years of input from our customers along with a proven design to build the most productive, and user friendly bulk pot on the market. The T-8 is equipped with two extra large man ways, safety ladder, several different valve options and can be skid or trailer mounted.

T-8 Abrasive Blasting System

T-8 Abrasive Blasting System


  • ASME Coded to 150 PSI
  • Two extra large man ways
  • Four outlets
  • Your Choice of metering valves
  • Round bottom
  • 12V or 120V Control System
  • Ladder
  • Clean out port
  • Trailer or skid mounted
  • Up-to-date safety decals
  • For sale, rent or lease purchase
  • Holds 16 tons of steel, grit or 8 tons of coal slag
  • In stock and ready to go