Industrial Vacuums

To handle a wide variety of jobsite demands, the ECS equipment fleet includes an array of portable/diesel and stationary/electric industrial vacuum systems. Our portable VecLoader units are extremely powerful and can handle a wide variety of industrial vacuuming needs. We also carry a large inventory of electric and “Quiet Vacs” machines targeted for the shipyard market.


ECS offers the popular VecLoader series of portable vacuum systems. Some units are equipped with an optional HEPA filtration system to meet today’s stringent environmental requirements

  • 522: 2367 cfm @ 16”hg…125 hp
  • 616HP: 2367 cfm @ 28” hg…170 hp
  • 721: 3658 cfm @ 28” hg…225 hp
  • Click here for specifications (pdf)

< Pictured: VecLoader 616 HP


When electrical power is available at industrial work sites, our M-series vacuums are always up to the task. Available as standard units or sound-suppressed “Quiet Vacs”, our machines provide for maximum production with a small footprint for tight work areas. All units are skid-mounted and provide forklift pockets in the skid and crane lift-eyes at the upper four corners.

  • M-150: 2300 cfm @27 hg…150hp
  • M-200: 3200 cfm @ 27 hg…200 hp

Both the M-150 and M-200 are available in “standard” or “Quiet Vac” configurations. Our sound-suppressed vacumm systems can operate at noise levels as low as 82 dba.

< Pictured: The M-150